Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why I decided to do this Blog....

Pin It My name is Natalie, and I have had stomach issues for years; in November 2011 the doctor finally figured out what the problem was, Celiacs. Wow, now I had reason for all the times I had eaten different foods, and felt absolutely terrible afterwards. It was still a crushing blow, when I found out just how many things had Gluten in them. So I went to the store, bought some of the Gluten Free breads, pastas, and treats; lets just say I have never spent so much money on so little food!! Within one week, I felt better then I had in years, I have found bread that I like, and pastas I can cook with, and even Betty Crocker Cake, and Brownie mixes I really like. I LOVE TO BAKE, and anyone who knows me will agree with this, so the Gluten Free dessert recipes and treats I have had so far, just taste terrible, and I hate the texture!!! I still remember what "real" Gluten filled desserts taste like. I decided one day that I was going to take my favorite Gluten filled recipes, and turn them into Gluten Free Delicious Desserts, that everyone will enjoy eating, and no one will ask if they are Gluten Free with the Yuck face. Also, so many of the Gluten Free recipes, I have seen, take many different kinds of flour. I am lazy, I have kids, a husband and a job; I want to enjoy cooking, not make it a chore. I love Pamela's Bread Mix and Pancake Mix, and Betty Crocker Cake and Brownie mixes when it makes something easier. I hope you like my recipes, and they make your life a little easier too.  Natalie

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