Monday, September 23, 2013

Gluten Free Chocolate Lasagna

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                                 Chocolate Lasagna

     I have to say, this doesn't remind me of Lasagna, but it sure reminds me of UTTER DELICIOUSNESS!!!  This is cool, crunchy, chocolatey and yum. :)  Oh wait, have I not mentioned I have a chocolate problem?!     
     This is a very easy dessert to make, you don't even have to know how to cook!  So, if you happen to have a teen that you would like to make a dessert for you, this is the one to start with, super simple.  My almost 17 year old daughter who hates to cook, made most of this and said it was pretty simple, and would be willing to make this dessert again. Yay for me!!!!  
     I don't know about you but, since I have been Gluten Free people always say, "I would love to make you something, but I don't know how to cook GF"  so anytime someone is willing to make or even buy me a GF treat, I am so PLEASED that they went to effort, even if it is something that I don't love!   I always remember my mom saying, it is the thought that counts!!  Yes it is, I always remember that.  Happy Baking, Natalie

Adapted from,Sugar-n-Spice Gals

-2 packages of GF Oreos 36 total ( I had both Cadia and Glutino at home)
- 6 TB melted butter
-8 oz. cream cheese room temperature
-12 oz cool whip divided
-1/4 cup granulated sugar
-2 chocolate puddings (1.4 oz) I use the sugar free,we don't need extra sugar
- 3 1/4 cups milk
-1- 1 1/2 cups mini chips

To make:
you need a 9x13 inch rectangle pan,spray it with cooking spray. 

1-Crush the cookies in either a gallon bag with a rolling pin or my personal preference, a food processor. (it takes 2 seconds) Next, add the butter and mix it together and press into a 9x13 pan, then set it in the fridge to rest.
2-you need your cream cheese, 2 TB milk and sugar, mix them together until light and fluffy, then mix in 1 1/4 cups cool whip until it is all incorporated, then spread over the crust.
3-Mix your pudding with a whisk and 3 1/4 cups cold milk, let it set up for 10min to firm up before you spread it over the cream cheese filling.  I let it chill in the fridge for a few minutes before I go onto the next step.
5- Lastly, spread the rest of the cool whip on the top of the dessert and sprinkle with the mini chocolate chips, then put in the fridge and for at least 4 hours, I would put it in the freezer for a solid hour, it makes it so much easier to cut and serve(this way it won't all slide off the spatula,and still look PRETTY!!)

Let me just say, Oh man, this was so dang TASTY!!!  There were 8 of us and not a single left over, dang it!

This is my new spot called my Favorite Things:  here is an exact replica of my 16 year old Kitchen Aid mixer, this thing is a BEAST; I love it, it makes all of my treats!  I sometimes wish it would die, just so that I can finally get the bigger one, and new cooler color.  Many people have really fancy mixers, but I see no need, this baby does everything I need!


woahamandarocks said...

What size pan did you use?

Unknown said...

Pudding? Dry or already made? Instant or cook pudding?

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linni said...

It must be dry instant pudding. If you stirred the cook and serve kind with milk, it would not set up as described.

linni said...

It says 13 x 9”.