Monday, October 14, 2013

Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Brownies

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                        Chocolate Chunk Brownies

     Yes, I know, it's another chocolate recipe and another brownie; but a girl has needs, and this GIRL needs chocolate!!  This has all the chocolatey goodness, any guy or girl could possibly ask for in a brownie or any dessert for that matter.  My good friend said I should call them "orgasmic brownies" I told her I didn't think that would go over very well with everyone, but I did get a giant laugh about it!  
     I have to voice a concern I have, the other day I was on a Gluten Free Facebook group, and several people went on to BASH others for the way they cook, and what they cook and bake with.  I personally bake with what I love, I'm a working wife and mother, who would still like a life outside of baking and cooking.   I have also found that I don't have the time to make my own flour mix, nor do I want to, sometimes I use cake mixes, because we all have days when we have to throw together a quick dessert.  I just try to make desserts that are delicious, and can be made by bakers all over the WORLD who are just like me.  If you make your own flour mix, I am so happy you found what works for you, if your vegan or vegetarian please substitute what works for you.  I try the very best I can, being Gluten Free is tough enough, I just wish people would not be unkind to others because we aren't doing it the way they, think is RIGHT.  There is no right or wrong way to be Gluten Free, it's just the way that works best for you.  Thank you for all of your support!  Happy Baking, Natalie

 Adapted from Love to be in the kitchen 

-10 TB butter 
-1 1/4 sugar
-3/4 cup plus 2TB unsweetened cocoa (I use half dark/half regular)
-1/4tsp salt
-1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
-2 large eggs, cold
-1/2 cup Pamela's Bread Flour
-1 1/4 -1 1/2  cup chocolate chunks (I used 60% chocolate cocoa chunks)


1-Preheat the oven to 325 degrees, Bake for 25-30 minutes (or until the center doesn't jiggle) use an 8x8 inch glass pan. Spray the bottom of the pan with cooking spray, then line the bottom  with parchment paper and let it hang over 2 sides, it will help make the brownies easier to come out.
2-Cut the butter into chunks, combine the butter, sugar, cocoa and salt in a medium sized microwaved safe bowl.  Microwave in 1 minute increments, stirring in between until the chocolate is melted and smooth.  Set the mixture aside until it is warm, not hot.
3-Stir in the vanilla, with a wooden spoon then add the eggs one at a time and stir vigorously after each one, after this the batter should look nice and shiny, at this point fold the flour in carefully, just until there are no streaks of flour showing. 
4-Next mix in the chocolate chunks, if the batter is too hot, it will melt the chunks, so wait a minute if you need to.  Spread the batter into your prepared pan.  Bake for 25-30 min, then make sure and let them cool for an hour at least to set. I let mine chill over night in the fridge, and they were fantastic!
5-If you want to make a really clean cut, throw it in the freezer for 30 minutes and then take the brownies out of the pan and cut them.  Then enjoy!

 If you happen to not love chocolate as much as I do, make yourself a nice Brownie Sundae, that's what I did for my poor dad who almost died of chocolate overload!

                                                                            These are two of my favorite things, thankgoodness for Guittard Chocolate makers and making their chocolate Gluten Free!!

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