Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gluten Free Better Then Sex Cake

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               Better Then Sex Cake



 Ok, so people may have a fit, but this is all I have ever called this cake.(but call it whatever you want)  My husband and daughter love this, I think my daughter loves it because it reminds her of  Tres Leches.  But honestly, what isn't there to love, chocolate, Cool Whip, Heath Bars and Caramel all of the components to make any sweet lover HAPPY!!!  I feel a little sad for my family, they rarely get to have anything twice, I am always trying out the new recipes on them, and sometimes they don't turn out super, the first few times,  practice makes perfect right?!
     I have been informed, by some of my friends and neighbors that I need to make a few more EASY recipes, for the non-bakers of the world.  I hope this fills the need.  Also, I have a friend who has developed her own cake mixes, flours and a variety of other things.  This is one of her mixes and I love it, and so did everyone who tried it, Gluten Free and Non, her company is called Gluten -Free Heaven , you can contact her at If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me, I will be sure to answer them as soon as I get them, thanks and Happy Baking. Natalie   

Look at the texture!


-Gluten Free Heaven Chocolate Cake Mix(you can use whatever cake mix you have)
-14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk( I used fat free)
- Mrs. Richardson's Butterscotch Caramel
-2 Heath bars
-Cool Whip regular sized tub

 This is a 9x13 cake recipe, so bake your cake according to the box instructions, then make sure and let it cool COMPLETELY( I did not and the Cool Whip started to melt, YIKES!!!)   

-Next poke holes in your cake with either a plastic handled spoon or chop sticks, if you want it more consistently through out.
-Then pour on the Sweetened Condensed Milk, and let it absorb for a few minutes, I spread it a little bit.
-Then pour on your caramel, I did not use every drop, about 3/4 and spread it also.  The 1/4 I did not use, I use to top with, because my husband likes it on top, hence the pictures.
-Lastly, spread the Cool Whip evenly across the cake.
-Garnish with Heath bar, which I put in the fridge, and then beat with a mallet, to break it up.    

 This has got to be one of the easiest cakes, ever, it was so easy my daughter even volunteered to help! Holy miracle of miracles



Ann said...

Can I make this a day ahead of time? Or is it really a same day cake?

Natalie said...

@Ann you sure can make this a day ahead, just leave off the Toffee bar until you are ready to serve. Thanks, Natalie

Mary Jane said...

We have found that very few gluten free desserts taste as good as their gluten counterparts. This is the exception! No one knew it was gluten free until we told them and it was simple enough that my 9 year old daughter did most of it herself! The cool whip tames the sweetness so it is a perfect topping! (Btw in Canada we have Skor bars which are basically the same) Excellent, excellent recipe!!!! Thank you!

Mary Jane said...

I should also mention that we made the cake the day before and did the rest the day of (which took less than 10 minutes)

Natalie said...

@Mary Jane, I'm so glad the recipe turned out!!! Yay! We also have Skor bars in the US too, they are tasty. It is nice to have a recipe that a child can help with. I'm trying to make things that aren't always so complicated! Thanks for stopping by! Natalie :)

Jessica Bartling said...

What components make it Gluten Free vs a regular Cake?

Natalie said...

@Jessica Bartling, I use a GF cake mix, or make a cake from scratch. Also make sure your caramel is GF, and your toffee bars are GF too. Some toffee bars are not, and some store bought caramel and butterscotch are not GF either, so make sure read the labels really well. Thanks for stopping by, Natalie

Penny said...

Is one store bought cake mix enough for a 9x13 pan?

Penny said...

Can this be prepared in a 9x9 pan instead?

Unknown said...
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Kristin slack said...

Do you warm the butterscotch caramel before putting it on the cake?

Natalie Kelly said...

Kristin, if it doesn't stir up easily with a spoon, then microwave it for a few seconds. Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy it! Natalie

Natalie Kelly said...

Kristin, if it doesn't stir up easily with a spoon, then microwave it for a few seconds. Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy it! Natalie

Bogey Nana said...

Natalie, We don't have Mrs. Richardson's butterscotch caramel. Can you tell me how many ounces are in that container, so I can estimate how much to spread in the cake? I need to make it this morning. Thanks.

Natalie Kelly said...

It is a quart sized bottle, but you can make your own caramel and that would be SERIOUSLY delicious too!!