Monday, January 14, 2013

Gluten Free Caramel and Chocolate Pretzels

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      Caramel and Chocolate Pretzels


     Well, I saw this fantastic combination on Pinterest a few months back, and decided that I had to make this Gluten Free.  So, it has taken several different kinds of pretzels, because only Snyder's Pretzels will hold up and not get soggy after 20 min.  (trust me I have tried them all)  Also, I had to make caramel 4 different ways to find out which one had the right stickiness, and not be too hard.        The first couple of batches were WAY too runny and didn't set up, it still tasted good, but oh, what a HUGE MESS!!!   The original recipe came from the blog Mama Say What, I have just tweaked it for those of us who are GF.  I have fed this to the family, neighbors and gluten full naysayers and no one can tell the difference on the pretzels, Yay Snyder's!!!  This is a really easy, and quick recipe that will serve a lot of people.  Just one more tasty treat to help me add to Winter insulation, like I need anymore help with that!!! I hope you enjoy it, Natalie

- 1 bag GF Snyder's pretzels (they only make sticks, I have checked)
-1 1/2 cups brown sugar
-1/3 cup butter
-3/4 cup light corn syrup
-1/4 tsp salt 
-1/3 cup heavy cream
-2 bags semi-sweet chocolate chips or 4 cups.

               Next turn your oven to 350 degrees
      Start out by spraying your sheet cake pan, the 13x17 inch one, with Pam spray.  Then lay out all of your pretzels as evenly as possible. 
      Now we are going to make the caramel, if you have a candy thermometer great, if not that's ok too.  Add your butter and brown sugar, salt and corn syrup at a med-med low heat until they melt, then if you do have a thermometer boil tell 220 degrees or soft ball stage.  If you do not have one, boil gently until you see all of the brown sugar dissolve, and it starts to thicken and stick.  Make sure and stir.  Once it is to this stage is should be a nice caramel color, turn off the stove and add the cream.  Stir until the cream is incorporated. 
      Next pour the caramel over the pretzels, spread it with a spatula, then sprinkle the chocolate chips over the top. When you have finished with the chocolate chips throw it in the oven( ok, maybe don't actually throw it!) Bake for 5-8 min. Then spread the melted chocolate chips across the top.
    Let it cool on a rack, then either put in in the fridge, freezer, or in my case, I can just set it outside in the 0 degree temperatures we are having, and it cools in minutes.  
I personally like mine when it is still cool, so that it is really chewy, but my husband likes it when it is room temperature so it pulls apart more.  There is no wrong way to eat this, just try not to eat it all, yourself!!

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